We manufacture and sell cosmetics that anyone can use our products to have healthy skin and body.
We have lots of brand which is THESERA, professional brand for aesthetic, Hoo:E, Medical brand, online cosmetic brand and so on. This products export to 24 countries including China, Mexico and USA.

To have healthy skin and body MRINNOVATION - Phytocemical Solution


Professional product for aesthetic recommended by skin specialists.
You can meet various line of professional lifting, water shine effect and body-care.

    : THESERA, which means sera as a listener, was born with the intention of hearing and resolving the troubles of all those who have skin troubles.
    : It also means to make your skin healthy by means of getting better.
  • Good Line Me
    : Healthy diet for good line
    This is ‘Good Line Me’. It is a health functional product for not only good line but also health.

To have healthy skin and body MRINNOVATION - Phytocemical Solution


This is a homecare product to take care our skin in home

    : The secret of THE MASK OF ZORRO is to resolve the eye troubles. It consists of THE Mask of Zorro-Eye, and B-tox Ampoule.

To have health skin and body MRINNOVATION - Phytocemical Solution


It is a medical cosmetics used by Dermatologist

  • HOO:E
    : The prescription cosmetics 'HooE' that is necessary after the procedure. It is medical cosmetics based on natural ingredients.